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Where has Lord been for the last few years?

Well.......that 'life' thing happened and Lord was sold to a big skateboard distributor. Things run full circle and we had the opportunity to take it back we are. This wouldn't of happened without guys like you, reading the FAQ's on our website so can we just say THANK YOU.

Do you do international shipping?

If you're from outside the UK or mainland Europe then please email us first at so we can work out the appropriate shipping rate and we will do all we can to get your purchase to you.

I've got a problem with the Lord items you've sent?

Please check our returns policy or if it's something else then please email us at and we'll do what we can to sort it out.

Why is the sky blue?

Scientists claim that it is do with a process they call 'scattering' They claim that it's to do with sunlight entering the atmosphere and then this light is 'scattered by the gases and particles in the air and this produces a blue colour sky.

HOWEVER, in reality it is because when The Supreme Being (pick the one you like most) designed the earth, they only had a blue ink pen, hence, most of what he designed ie the sea and sky is blue.

I've got an idea, design or suggestion for Lord. Do you want it and where can I send it?

Yeah, we want to hear, see, know about it. We'd be stoked to hear from you. Contact us via cyberspace technology at or send us things to - 6 Knaresborough Road, Wallasey, Merseyside CH44 2BG England

How do I best care for my Lord Clothing?

We make all our items with quality, design and function at the heart of what we do. We make custom items and style them so you know they are made for you. We custom line our trucker caps and custom make our sweatshirts.

All items should have washing and care instructions in them and they should be pretty similar to most other items in your wardrobe, however, to get the very best out of your item we recommend that you smile at it when wearing and show it off proudly at every opportunity. Keep it away from crippled nuclear reactors. Do not let it see you sad and maybe consider singing to it every once in a while.

Will you be sponsoring a team again?

We believe The teams we've had over the years will always be on our team but that doesn't mean there won't be new members coming on board. You want a place? Let us know. Get in touch.

Did we land on the Moon?

There are many who argue about this and both parties claim to have strong and compelling evidence to support their claim. However, the big question that everyone is avoiding is what cheese is the Moon made of???