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This is a pages charting and documenting some of the heritage of Lord Clothing from our first magazine features through various catalogues, photos, adverts and team rider pictures. 


RAD July 1994 was the first magazine mention of Lord. Geoff Rowley graced the cover and inside we had a picture of a pair of jeans and a tiny penis t-shirt.



ID magazine in August 1994. ID was a fashion, arts and culture magazine. Somehow we managed to get a mention in their pages featuring The Beastie Boys and the, then, almost as infamous, tiny penis t-shirt. The tinternet thing hadn't really happened and mobile phones were pretty only used by business people and the tiny feature had our home telephone number in it. ID was an international magazine and that meant the home phone went in the middle of the night, all night, most nights. It’s only funny looking back. 


Green Day. In what seems like another world, these guys where quite often in Wallasey and Merseyside while touring with a band called Jailcell Recipes fronted by Robbie Reid. Crazy to think that they went on from playing Wigan Cricket Club to Global domination. Yeah, this is Tre Cool playing guitar and not the drums, at one of their Manchester shows.